For many cattle breeders, the NRM is the no. 1 Dutch cattover onsle festival of the year. It is the place where cattle farmers and international cattle improvement companies meet. The event is a showcase for the very latest innovations in cattle improvement. With judgings, a presentation of progeny groups and a trade exhibition, the show shines the spotlight on the qualities of Dutch cattle. Interest in the event is massive: every year it attracts many thousands of visitors from the Netherlands and abroad.


The NRM is specifically aimed at the cattle farming sector. The event is made up of two parts:
cow1 A cattle show showcasing cattle breeders’ achievements.
cow1 An international expo where a wide range of companies share their dairy farming expertise.


The first edition of the NRM was held in 1988 at the covered cattle market complex in Utrecht. And the event soon grew into a tradition. The cattle event takes place every two years on a Friday and Saturday at the end of June. IJsselhallen Zwolle has been the NRM’s permanent home since 2012.


The idea for the NRM was first mooted by the Nederlands Rundvee Syndicaat in Arnhem (the former pedigree organisation). These days the event is organised by the NRM Foundation, in close collaboration with AI organisations and businesses. With its wide experience in cattle improvement, CRV plays a central role in the arrangements. The cooperative has all the necessary expertise in-house to help make this event a resounding success. To ensure wide coverage at the trade exhibition, a number of companies from inside and outside the cattle improvement sector are members of the NRM Foundation.