On Friday 30 June, no fewer than 14 daughter groups and two theme groups will enter the show ring at the 2017 edition of the NRM dairy show. The groups have been entered by six different breeding organisation or importers.

Plenty to see in daughter groups
Fourteen daughter groups have been entered for showing at the NRM 2017: seven heifer groups and seven groups comprising second-calf or older animals.
The cattle represent three extremely interesting red-and-white groups and 11 black-and-white groups of the same high calibre, including progeny of some of the most widely used bulls in recent years. This will be the first public appearance for practically all of the daughter groups, who all have scored outstandingly for NVI and total confirmation (see below).

Theme groups
This year, CRV will be presenting a theme group of embryo donors, by part from the Delta breeding programme, on Friday 30 June. AI-Total will also be showing a theme group representing its breeding programme with daughters sired by various bulls.

All groups present at the show
At the event, the daughter groups and theme groups can also be seen at the exhibitors’ stands, so visitors to the event have the chance to take a close look at the animals on Friday and Saturday.

Exhibitor Name of bull Sire Sire of dam NVIConf.
CRVDelta ColoradoDelta ArroyoAggravation Lawn Boy P-red232113
KI KampenJotaniJotan-redKonvoy ET179117
KI SamenJ&G MalandoTopspeed GogoKian104103
CRVDelta Bookem DannoDe-Su 521 BookemSandy-Valley Bolton384115
CRVDelta G-ForceLong-Langs Oman OmanRiethil Swamo Delta Jordan274107
KI SamenBig MalkiHoekland MaikSkalsumer Jorryn265110
ABS/HeemskerkDe-Su 11236 BalistoDe-Su 521 BookemDe-Su Watson262108
CRVBatenburg G. Stellando rfDelta FidelityO-Bee Manfred Justice-ET240108
AI TotalBossDe-Su 521 BookemLong-Langs Oman Oman239108
CRVAH VitesseDelta GravityJardin220108
ABS/HeemskerkDe-Su GillespySandy-Valley BoltonPicston Shottle ET219107
SemexSwissbec Brekem rfDe-Su 521 BookemLong-Langs Oman Oman211108
CRVCookiecutter Mom HunterLong-Langs Oman OmanPicston Shottle ET138106
KI KampenHeuvel BulykinLonarDelta Paramount120106